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The Stratsure Essentials Range

The Stratsure Essentials range is exactly that: the essentials for all kinds of management. Project and Programme Management Essential courses are available and can vastly improve the way you and your employees do business.



Project Management Essentials

This course is beneficial to anyone working in a middle or senior management position in any field dealing with projects. This is particularly advisable for project managers to understand the level of responsibility, authority and accountability they must take for their team.

Managing a project is made up of many different concepts which must be grasped in order to successfully reach completion. The first step is to define all processes and activities, choose who will fulfil which role, set themes and define the principles to meet the project’s end goal within budget and within the deadline. The Stratsure Essentials course for project management will teach you to plan your project and the progress that needs to be made in order for the quality of work to meet the goals set.

A project manager must assess all concepts throughout the duration of the project. If the project is diverting from the original plan the other elements must be reassessed to ensure the progress is maintained and the benefits are intact while no new risks are introduced. This is a lot to keep track of. But with the tools and methods taught by Project Management Essentials you will easily lead your project to its successful completion, every time.

You get all this in just two days with the project management courses in Stratsure’s Essentials range. What are you waiting for, book your spot!

Programme Management Essentials

Stratsure’s Programme Management Essentials acts as the perfect “primer” to prepare the student for more rigorous courses like PRINCE2®, MSP® or Agile®. As a two day course vs the five day accredited courses it is especially geared for those who want to get the insights required to do the job but perhaps lack the funding or time to take an accredited course at present.

The MSP® principles have been built into Stratsure’s Programme Management Essentials course and demand the same dedication and understanding be delivered by our very own PRINCE2® and MSP® accredited practitioner. The course consists of:

  • Overview and Organisation- To understand the role of programme management within organisations
  • Mandate and Identification- Creating a Vision Statement
  • Defining a Programme- Using the Vision Statement as a Blueprint for the projects that need to be done to successfully complete a programme
  • Manage the Tranches- Managing all the elements of taking on the role of a manager to deliver a project and transition to the next
  • Closing the programme- Because programmes are longer than projects all elements must be assessed to see whether they have been completed and can be closed.

To get a step higher on the career ladder take these two day courses in order to become a better manager.


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