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A Stratsure Perspective

Stratsure PerspectiveMany papers have been prepared to describe the differences between PRINCE2® and PMBOK and each has a particular slant of the truth.  This perspective is intended to supplement other papers with Stratsure’s understanding of core differences.

Firstly, it is our understanding that PMBOK is a body of knowledge that has evolved from endeavours of engineers, academics and IT specialists primarily from the USA.  Most details and technical aspects of project management are included as part of the BOK.

Secondly, there is another similar body of knowledge: APM BOK that has evolved in the UK. Courses and accreditations have emerged from APM BOK.

The following diagram includes a third role player from whom courses and accreditations have emerged, viz. The UK government (recently acquired by Axelos):

A Stratsure Perspective

Our understanding of PRINCE2® is that it is a management methodology.  Everything we experience as we study and work with the product is that it has a management focus (particularly planning and control) at four levels of management.  It also includes a communication focus.

Another important difference between the two products is that the “PRINCE2® style” follows a modular growth of PM competencies resulting in the basic PM module viz. PRINCE2® being accessible and understandable to a broader range of interested people, e.g. users, suppliers, business and other stakeholders.  PRINCE2® enables everyone involved with projects to have a fundamental understanding of how PM operate – this enhances communication and awareness of responsibilities of each role player.  It is now a global standard of best practice.

The course APMP for PRINCE2® practitioners enables candidates to extend their PM competencies to a higher level.  Other course modules provide further step-by-step opportunities for growth.

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