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Stratsure real-talk

Stratsure has identified the important ingredients for success and is accredited to pass them on to you professionally.  We say: let’s work together, learn together, grow together, and succeed together! 

Projects fail

This is the truth: success is not always guaranteed. You cannot compare implementing a new system to baking a cake because with project management there is no one recipe that you can follow. A combination of consultants and training is not sufficient for the completion of an effective project. There’s also the misconception that a project reaches its end and then everyone sits back and has a delicious slice of cake. Implementing a new system is an art and a science; it requires people and planning. The data and technology are important but genuine understanding is essential, so invest therein.

An overview

PRINCE2® Foundation (3 day) and Practitioner (2 day) Course: for accountability, thorough project management understanding and reaching a best practice standard.

AgilePM™ Foundation (2 day) and Practitioner (2 day) Course: for a flexible and interactive project management methodology.

Managing Successful Programmes MSP®: track the benefits and outcomes of projects and achieve strategic objectives.

PS Professional – Productivity Bootcamp – Athlete: be professional and prepared so that you are able to build valuable relationships, manage your time, and be fully effective in your business environment.

Service Desk Institute – Analyst: become skilled as a service desk and support analyst where you learn to deal with people and situations optimally.

Service Desk Institute – Manager: take leadership for organisational change and team development.

Stratsure Consultants - Assuring Your Strategy: we can assist you, in a way that suits you, as you strive towards meaningful change.

Ask our satisfied clients

“The teaching techniques that Les uses are stunning…I especially like the story of Mrs. Jones cats.”

-Lindsay, Sasol

“The AgilePM® training was EXCELLENT.  I’ve had really positive feedback on both the content and on Tsenolo!  He was a hit!”

-Penny V, Lightstone

“Belinda, one of the biggest lessons you and Stratsure have taught me, is that if my dreams do not scare me that it is not big enough! Now I start the biggest scariest job on Monday.  You have taught me about being true to myself, how to be effective and thanks to you I have many great habits that I will use in my career.”

-Ronel F, Paraplanner

In a nutshell

We believe in lifelong improvement and commitment to achieve personal excellence in all that we do.  Each delegate is respected for the individual they choose to be. The love, passion and integrity we bring to the industry blows the minds of our clients. See for yourself.

Belinda Clarke
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Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 11:15
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