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Stratsure has identified the important ingredients for success and is accredited to pass them on to you professionally.  We say: let’s work together, learn together, grow together, and succeed together! 


Prince2® Practitioner Exam

prince2 practitioner courseDuring the practitioner exam, you will be presented with a series of questions and your appropriate response will be required.   Most delegates have experienced time pressure to answer all the questions.  Besides your brain; you only have the official reference manual available to yourself to find an accurate answer.

5 Crucial Customer Service Skills

Customer Service SkillsQuestion: What is the most common issue that customers face when seeking a specific service from a business?

Answer: Broken promises.

Many businesses lack customer service skills; this is often due to individual employees’ lack of service skills. The lack of customer service skills causes employees to fail to meet their customers’ high expectations.

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