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Project Management

Managing Successful Programmes - Vision Statement

 Vision StatementWhen applying professionally managed programme methods, the vision is a vital focus and enabler for the buy-in, motivation and activity alignment of the large community of stakeholders involved in the programme.  The vision statement is the outward facing description of the future state following programme delivery.  The vision statement will describe the new services, improv

Projects: What is it that we wish to control?

ProjectsThroughout the project duration, time, cost, quality, benefits, risk and scope are the six aspects of a project that require management. Project Management provides best practice guidance on how to manage these six aspects.

Even after the delivery of the project product, the realisation of benefits needs to be managed.

The Benefits Review Plan is the management product that takes over from the Business Case when the project is closed. The benefits in the business case are managed with the help of the Benefits Review Plan.

The Prince2 7-Step Process

Prince2® 7-Step ProcessThe PRINCE2® processes describe a step by step progression through a project’s lifecycle.  A process is a set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective. 

How to Engage Stakeholders


Who is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation that is interested or concerned with an organisation’s project. Stakeholders can affect, or be affected by, your project. Examples of stakeholders include directors, employees, suppliers and unions.

Characteristics of a Project

Characteristics of a Project What makes a project different from business as usual?


Change: Projects are the means by which we introduce change.


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