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Project Management

How to Embed PRINCE2® into your organisation

project managementIntroduction

Simply providing accredited training to project managers, is insufficient and so in order to achieve a noticeable improvement in project performance – the focus must shift after training individuals to changing how individuals and organizations think and act in each project situation.

Tailoring PRINCE2® in the project environment

Project ManagementWhat is tailoring?

  • Adapting the methodology to the project scale, complexity, geography and culture, whether it’s part of a programme or a stand-alone project.
  • The adoption of PRINCE2® across a company is embedding not tailoring.

Programme Management Essentials Course Deatails

Course DetailsProgramme Management sets out to organise and plan the programme by first creating a vision of what the sponsor wishes to achieve.  It reveals the “to-be” state as opposed to the “as-in” state of the project and it focuses on the benefits, realisation and measurement.  This is achieved by planning major review points in the programme called “tranches” or slices.  Programmes can be executed over years therefore always keeping an eye o

Experiential Learning

World class PMPreparing a higher level Project Manager

Present perception

Many senior and top managers are of the opinion that you simply send your staff on a PRINCE2® training course and then put them to work on projects.  This is not a good approach.  There is a better way to develop higher level project managers.


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