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Ladies, listen up: the PS Professional® Athlete Course is for you

Belinda Clarke, trainer and Edu-coach is here to help you embrace productivity and align your habits – for good – with her productivity boot camp, aka the PS Professional® Athlete course.

By participating in a PS Professional® course you will be ready for anything life may throw at you; to be a successful businesswoman in South Africa, learn from the successful people around you – embrace what they impart to you. Seize any and every opportunity to grow and to improve.

How do we monitor actuals against what was planned?

The 2 most important activities in project management are:

  1. Plan thoroughly
  2. Monitor

In layman's terms – decide what to do and then check that it is done.

There are several really cool ways to do this and the above slide displays this perfectly.

10 Things To Think About Before Starting A New Career

PS ProfessionalAs nerve-wrecking as starting your career is, we all have to do it at some point. They say that if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Luckily there are ways can you turn the fear of a big dream into a positive reinforcement that will make your career start off with a blast big enough to send you to the top of the ladder in no time.

How PS Professional Develops Outstanding Consultants

PS Professional certificationConsultants face a very competitive working environment due to the increasing employees, customers, partners and changes in the industry. The significant expectations placed on PS teams and consultants have also increased. More than just technical skills is needed for complex professional services. The development of crucial personal, commercial and non-technical skills and competencies are often overlooked even though these skills are crucial.

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