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Implementation Workshop

Key concepts

  1. Implementing PRINCE2 ® requires a team approach, preferably top down with all levels of management committed to making it work.
  2. To obtain all management buy-in, we suggest a series of workshops during which they are given the opportunity to shape a vision of how change in their organisation should operate and confirm their commitment to implementing it over a number of years.  An interim goal could be set that a level 3 maturity model  should be achieved within approximately eighteen months.
  3. The organisation’s leadership should agree to pursue best practice disciplines and globally accepted standards that have been tailored for their organisation.
  4. The organisation’s leadership should understand that change structures strive towards achieving corporate objectives and that they are the delivery agent of benefits for the organisation.
  5. PRINCE2 ® is the primary course for developing project managers but that every PM should be placed on a development plan comprising training courses, experiential learning, access to tools and a mentoring system for guided growth (see article on experiential learning elsewhere on this site)
  6. Implementation should be managed as a project using the PRINCE2 ® methodology – provision should be made for planning a transition period to move from an “as is” status to the “to be” vision status

The relationship between projects, programmes and portfolios is indicated in the following diagram:

Strategic Objectives and Targets

To assist with leadership participation and expectations we recommend that brief workshops for the following topics:

  • Project Management essentials
  • PRINCE2 ® Essentials
  • APMP for PRINCE2 ® practitioners
  • Programme management Essentials
  • Managing Benefits Essentials
  • Agile project management essentials
  • P3O ® Essentials

Implementing Prince 2