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What do event planners and project managers have in common?

itil training south africaLet’s look at what it takes to be an effective project manager. You have to be able to:

  • Take the bigger picture of a project and divide it into categories of responsibilities.
  • Take each category of responsibilities and delegate them to the appropriate people.
  • Work within a budget.
  • Allocate a time-frame in which responsibilities must be completed, by prioritising their order.
  • Overlook that each responsibility gets handled properly before the next steps can be taken.
  • Guide team members when a task goes wrong or a deadline gets affected.
  • Manage a team so that conflict does not arise when misunderstandings or other problems come up.

Now let’s look at what it takes to be a successful event organiser. You have to be able to:

  • Understand the event brief provided by a client needs and pinpoint the different steps that must be taken to achieve the client’s wishes.
  • Source out the right companies and services to help meet all the needs of the event brief.
  • Work within a budget provided by the client.
  • Make bookings and schedule dates once all the right venues and catering or décor companies have been sourced.
  • Communicate with each company and event team member about the progress of orders and requests.
  • Respond to cancellations, miscommunications and other unexpected situations with a proactive approach.
  • React to internal and external conflict in a calm and professional manner, with the mind-frame that the client is always right no matter what the scenario.

So basically, both project manager and event organiser act as the middle man and as the leader of a project or event; the work process of both job titles are practically one in the same. This must mean that their personalities are one in the same two.

Both project manager and event organiser have to exhibit leadership on a daily basis and have confidence in each one of their decisions. They must also display positivity, even when the going gets tough, to keep both themselves and their team members motivated and ready to give their best.

Both personalities must also be able to listen to instructions carefully and reveal problems within those instructions, without offending anyone or coming across as obnoxious. This means proving the power of your knowledge while remaining kind and understanding.

If you are an event organiser, and you want to spruce up your knowledge on project management and expand your skillset, sign up for an Agile project management course. 

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