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What You Need to Know About Adopting Agile

accredited coursesAgile has been on everyone’s lips lately. Organisations are toying with whether or not they should change their project management system to an agile one. While there are some organisations who make this transition smoothly and thrive on agile methods, there are many more organisations who can also implement this method.

Obviously, a change in project management style needs to be thought out well to ensure smooth processes. Here are important questions to consider when adopting an agile project management approach:

  • What specific steps need to be taken to support agile organisational change?
  • Which people are responsible for the smooth transition of the processes?
  • Do those who are responsible for the transition of the process understand the discipline required to applying an agile approach effectively?
  • Does the working team understand the unexpected outcomes and the fact that initially results may take longer to show?
  • Does the working team know what to expect from the alternative agile approach as opposed to the “tried & tested”, traditional methods?

Source: APMG International.

It is important to know that agile is, in all its variants, not a magical software development that will fix all issues at once. The methodology has to be implemented and run in the organisation effectively. See the 12 Principles based on the Agile Manifesto below:

  1. Customer receives early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  2. Change requirements, even well into development, is welcomed.
  3. Working software is delivered frequently.
  4. Business people and developers need to work together throughout the lifetime of the project.
  5. Give individuals responsibility as well as a conducive environment to complete those responsibilities in.
  6. Face-to-face conversations are promoted.
  7. Working software indicates progress.
  8. Sustainable development is promoted.
  9. Attention always needs to be paid to good design and technical excellence to enhance agility.
  10. Doing less, but more effective effort, is essential.
  11. Self-organising teams are to create the best architectures, designs and requirements.
  12. The team should reflect on how to become more effective and adjust their behavior accordingly.

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