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Why being “Internationally Recognised” is so important


What does internationally recognised mean?

Internationally recognised means your accreditation or degree is valid all over the world and will be recognised in the same light as the country it was given in. 


What does accredited mean?

For a university or college:

A university, college or other institution that is accredited means that it has a set standard that is globally recognised. These accredited courses must be recognised by one or more accrediting agencies as reaching the expected standard. The Ministry of Education sets the standards for accreditation to receive a diploma, degree or certificate reflecting this set standard of excellence.

Program courses:

The program must meet the standards of a quality education before being able to give internationally recognised, accredited qualifications.

When you are working towards completing a program course for a certificate of completion, it is only beneficial to your repertoire if it is from accredited sources. The purpose of taking a course is not only to receive knowledge and skill but the qualification to prove you have undergone education and training from an accredited source.

Prince2; An accredited course accepted worldwide:

This tool is used to help manage projects. Prince2 tests your knowledge through courses and practical applications. Prince2 training means you are a qualified project manager. There are three levels of the Prince2 courses:

  • Different certifications come in-
  1. Foundation
  2. Practitioner
  3. Professional

Prince2 is a program that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Prince2 is widely recognised globally as an accredited project management education. It is not specific to any industry or type of commerce but rather a precise method for managing successful projects. The course is particularly popular in the UK, India, China, Australia, Africa and most of Europe. It is even available in 18 languages!

Don’t let the opportunity to become an accredited Prince2 trained employee pass you by. It will not only boost your career but the project managing tools you have learned and your skills will be recognised on an international scale!



Jeanne Conradie
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 10:30
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