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This is why the PRINCE2® courses are so popular

The Stratsure PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses have had great success, for both us and our clients. More than just success, though, the PRINCE2® courses are have also become wildly popular. This is because PRINCE2® implementation empowers our clients and their companies more than a simple information package, and our top-notch trainers do not disappoint.

PRINCE2® Implementation stays relevant

One of the greatest concerns for clients of educational institutions and programmes is the relevance of the course material and skills learned after completing the course. Most university graduates complain about how little of what they learned is actually useful.

With the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses we have had very positive feedback from our clients indicating that their PRINCE2® implementation is going well. The skills they have learned are helping them to perform their project management duties better, which is a boost to their own career as well as to their employers. That popularity has led to more delegates being sent to take part in the training because those who came before learned valuable, implementable skills.

The course material is still useful even after completion of the course, as you can read in the Delegate Feedback box at the bottom of Stratsure’s home page.

Enthusiastic trainers

Our qualified team of trainers are the highlight of most feedback we receive from delegates. Our trainers – Les, Tsenolo, David and Belinda – have a wide range of qualifications and interests which add to their vibrancy as a team, which also makes their approaches unique and innovative. They are always positive, highly knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about teaching interactively and ensuring that delegates walk away from every PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course with a full set of skills and knowledge to move them ahead in their careers. More than just teachers, our trainers are also attentive and have been known to give great advice beyond the scope of the course, which makes them extremely popular with everybody.

Internationally relevant qualification

Beyond the obvious advantages of PRINCE2® implementation for project managers, the international relevance and accreditation of the course is a major bonus. For companies who want to take on international projects which may require approvals and association with overseas companies, having project managers with relevant qualifications can make things much simpler. Also, for individuals, having passed the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses makes them a lot more ready for the industry, and more employable, which is a very popular factor in the modern workforce.

Read the Delegate feedback at the bottom of our Stratsure home page and see what some of our delegates have to say. Contact us and join the growing success story that is PRINCE2® implementation and accreditation.

Michael Maart
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course, PRINCE2 Implementation
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 08:30
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