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Initiating Workshop

Workshops are creative opportunities (or series of opportunities) for role players in a group to contribute to a team who strive to bring about change.

Stratsure have access to experienced resources that can play these roles.  The assignments could be varied but could typically include:

  1. Project management: Initiating a project
    The 4 project approaches, project controls and project plan are central to establishing how the project will
    be managed and creates an opportunity to develop team cohesion
  2. Project management: Starting up a project
    Having the correct role players in place is of particular importance
  3. Project management: Implementing (embedding)
    A separate document on this site provides further information
  4. Project support office functionality (commonly referred to as a PMO)
    The support office can be configured to also support programmes and portfolio levels
  5. Guidelines on how projects can interface with programmes, can be established through a series of
    workshops that include specialist guests
  6. How implementing a configuration management system can be formulated through workshops

During your workshops we can play an assurance role on live projects in the form of one- or two- day workshops. During this time we find a balance between theoretical and practical approaches that are tailored to your organisations environment.