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3 ways to keep yourself young and productive

Programme management courses and training

demanding accredited coursesIt’s no lie that you age faster when you stop being productive. Think of how many times you have heard or spoken about someone in their late 90’s, “but wow, she still goes for a power-walk every morning and she can cook a feast for an army, while enjoying a glass of wine!”

How do some get this right?

Well, it’s simple:  the only reason that she is still capable of doing all of that is because she never stopped doing it. It is vitally important that we remind ourselves of this every day. No matter how old you are, you must continuously improve old skills and develop new ones.

How can I improve myself?

Start with your body

Even if you never played on a school sport team, or if you spent your student life studying instead of training, you can still start today. Sports like martial arts, swimming and dancing are examples of physical exercises that increases cognitive function, and, you can start practicing them at any age!

If you don’t currently have the time on your hands to jump into such a big new hobby, then you have to at least get into the habit of jogging regularly and practising yoga. This will help get your mind and body get ready until you do have the time and resources one day to join a proper multi sports club, gym or other exercising programme.

Continue with your brain

No matter how many degrees or qualifications you have behind your name, you can never stop learning. And actually, it’s not only about qualifications. You can set educational goals for yourself that reflect in your knowledge and wisdom- your mental capacity is not only proven with a piece of paper.

Famous rapper Marshall Mathers, for example, despite leaving school in the 9th grade, challenged himself to study the dictionary on a daily basis. Improving his vocabulary with this intense commitment has helped him create such powerful content that he has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. That is 1/3rd of what Queen has sold!

But, unfortunately, we live in a very competitive age and so we do have to rely on extra-curricular education to push us to the top. No matter how old you are or in what industry you are working in, a professional project management course will make your CV shine as bright as your potential. Not to mention, it will expand your knowledge on the principles and processes of successfully running a project. MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) is an example of such a course.

What is MSP?

MSP, despite being a great guide to strengthening your leadership capabilities, will also teach you how to:

  • Lead business transformations that come with a high level of stress and risk
  • Maintain excellent performance and effectiveness in programmes, especially when they are undergoing a big transition process
  • Understand and implement the basic components that lead to customer service excellence
  • Control engagement with stakeholders and turn (otherwise unrealistic) expectations into future capabilities.

Always look around you

The world as we know it changes on a daily basis. Science and technology is evolving constantly, international politics influences global dynamics continuously and social media is basically running the digital world. It is up to you to invest time in researching the market and staying up to date with new technology. Always follow national and international news so that you are aware of what’s happening in the world and make sure that you are aware of new movements in the areas of life that interests you. Even staying in tune with new fashion trends can keep you young forever!

While only you can make sure that your body and soul keeps developing, we can help you improve your knowledge, intelligence and mental discipline. Contact us today and get started on your Managing Successful Programmes course today.

Jade Ottavini
Programme management courses and training
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Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 09:30
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