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Stratsure real-talk


Stratsure has identified the important ingredients for success and is accredited to pass them on to you professionally.  We say: let’s work together, learn together, grow together, and succeed together! 


Project management course success

The learning process is sometimes underestimated. Valuable content is indeed intended to fill your mind, but the procedure that is necessary for knowledge acquisition to take place, is equally important. Oftentimes it is the stresses and challenges experienced during formal education that inform our later performance in the field.

How Prince2® makes you more employable

That’s what we all want: to be attractive as a potential employee to potential employers. The ultimate way for project managers of any field to reach this standard is through Prince2®. Prince2® is the industry standard for project management around the world. This means it is easily accessible – qualification is just a click away.

What is different about the new PRINCE2® 2017?




The updated PRINCE2 affirms the method’s tried and tested approach to project management; with its overall structure of seven principles, themes, and processes. In the new PRINCE2 guide, the theme’ chapters have been restructured to enhance flow, readability and to accommodate important new material on how to tailor projects.


What does the Agile methodology mean for your management future?

Your management style is unique if it works, but it could work even better. AgilePM® will re-centre the focus of your management onto the client. A customer focus is what works every time.


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