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6 benefits of ITIL®

ITIL®Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is used by IT organisations all over the world. It effectively improves the timeliness and efficiently of IT services. ITIL provides universal processes that can be adapted to companies of different sizes, locations and purposes.

Here are the 6 benefits of ITIL:

Tried and trusted

ITIL is used all over the world for all types of organisations. Businesses are able to adapt ITIL to their needs. It is effective in continuously improving a company’s work cycle.

Reduces business disruptions

IT operations achieve better efficiency and less time consuming incidents and service failures by implementing ITIL.

Improves customer satisfaction

ITIL is designed to increase customer satisfaction as opposed to only seeing to technology problems. Better user experience leads to more trust.

Improves the quality of service

Potential issues in the IT infrastructure are quickly identified and controlled thanks to ITIL. This means that service providers are able to restore any issues as fast as possible, thus minimising disruption and downtime.

Increases constancy

ITIL demands IT service delivery consistency and provides all the necessary tools to improve and measure services.

Improves internal processes

By improving internal processes, the organisation is able to meet the demands of the customers and users, thus it improves the alignment of IT and business.

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