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The 7 Cs Of Effective Communication For Project Managers

Project ManagersAs a project manager, or any manager, communication with your team, clients, partners, etc. is vital if you want your project to run smoothly. Lack of communication, on the other hand, is the beginning of all project disasters.

This article will cover the 7 Cs of communication – and why they are so important.


The seven Cs of communication are:

  • Clarity

No one can follow instructions or messages that are not clear. Ensure that you explain yourself well and communicate clearly.
It is always a good idea to follow up any verbal or telephonic communication with an email.

  • Concise

Short and simple is ideal – but be sure to include all the details. Often people have long and lengthy meetings to discuss something that could have been said in two minutes. Be careful not to lose the goal of the meeting by fluffing it up with too many details and long, confusing discussions.

For example, when commenting on someone’s work, instead of saying “this needs a few adjustments”, rather say “I like this, but that needs to change, because…”

  • Correct

Good communication does not only include using accurate facts and figures – you also need to be sure to use correct grammar and spelling to avoid confusion.

If you are passing information from a client to one of your team members, be sure that you have the correct information and understood correctly before passing on false information.

  • Complete

The information or instruction that you give should contain all of the facts needed by the person you are speaking to/instructing. There is nothing as valuable as a proper, detailed brief when it comes to managing projects.

  • Consideration

You should consider who you are speaking to before speaking/communicating with that person. Depending on the person’s job, or role in the project, and their personality, you may need to give more or less detail, or explain things slightly differently.

  • Concrete

Confusion is detrimental for any project so be sure to give complete, definite information. You should not leave anything to the imagination when giving important instructions.

  • Courtesy

Always speak with respect, no matter who you are communicating with. Not only will it make others respect you in return, but people will be more willing to work with you, and work well, if they feel respected and appreciated in the team.

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