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Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)- What You Should Know

managers on siteThe difference between a project and a programme:

A programme is a temporary and flexible structure that is used to direct and implement related projects. The implementation of projects in such a structure conducts business as usual. A project is a part of the programme and is created to develop business outputs.

A straightforward project for a construction company, for example, would be building a school- the output being the completed school building; however, for the education department the completed school may only be a part of a programme that requires multiple schools to be built in different places for long-term educational development; therefore, a project is merely a division within a programme.

Programme management adds value to an organisation:

Corporate strategies, business as usual and systems for change are three very important elements that programme management lines up. It evens out the tension created by trying to align these elements, manages new solutions created and executed via projects and maintains the effectiveness and performance of an organisation.

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