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How to choose a training provider

Scenario: you have decided to attend a training course to possibly achieve an international accreditation.  The course requires you to write an exam or two.  There may be many training providers who are accredited to deliver the course, but not all providers will give you the same chance of passing, well.  Some providers focus on low price and often forfeit quality.  Some providers include far more than what is required and their prices are way above average.  There is a mix of five criteria that you as the “client” should consider when deciding on the most suitable provider:

5 Most important successs-driven tips I have read recently

MSP CertificationBrowsing social media has probably become the leading form of procrastination for people all around the world, from students to employees and even employers; the internet has people hooked.

Luckily, however, some valuable motivational advice can come from these leisurely quick reads that are posted daily. Here are the 5 most important things I have read on the internet that has helped me reach success-driven goals:

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