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Handling the Build-Up to your PRINCE2 Examination

Preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner examinations has caused tension for even the most steely-eyed project managers. Although the pass rate is extremely high for these demanding accredited courses, the possibility of not succeeding always looms. Nothing brings back that old study angst like opening a questionnaire, finding it incomprehensible and hoping for the best! Luckily, with proper input, revision and knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology, you won’t need to hope. Here’s what you can do to prep for these accredited project management courses’ examinations:



Learning through Experience

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Experiential learning yields a sound return on the training investment resulting in benefits to all, says Stratsure.

You ask, Why point this out?

We retort, Good question!

Project management course success

The learning process is sometimes underestimated. Valuable content is indeed intended to fill your mind, but the procedure that is necessary for knowledge acquisition to take place, is equally important. Oftentimes it is the stresses and challenges experienced during formal education that inform our later performance in the field.

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