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Project management course success

The learning process is sometimes underestimated. Valuable content is indeed intended to fill your mind, but the procedure that is necessary for knowledge acquisition to take place, is equally important. Oftentimes it is the stresses and challenges experienced during formal education that inform our later performance in the field. The quality of the method you implement to lock information in your mind determines the success of its real-life application.  Ensure project management success by completing training courses and completing them well.

It was Albert Einstein himself who said, “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”

Learn with rigour

When learning something, it is vital to confirm your sincere understanding as you go. Don’t just transfer the words to your brain – demand to assimilate their meaning. It is a known truth that when information is understood, it is available for later retrieval. You will be unprepared for a successful career if all the time and effort you put into learning about the trade was essentially wasted on temporary insights. Consider how different aspects of your learning coincide, too. Favour integration over isolation to truly get the most out of your learning and for your learning to be thorough. Compare this to actual project management: you need to be able to visualise how all the pieces of the bigger picture fit together.

Challenge yourself

Learning means growing and growing pains are a reality. In fact, learning can involve a lot of unlearning, first. Think of it as stripping your hair before you dye it, or reassessing the foundation before building on to your home. An easy learning environment is not one that facilitates development – nor does it reflect the workplace! Besides: while it should be important to you that you enrol for a demanding accredited course, you are not really learning if all you are after is a stamped and signed piece of paper. You should be enrolling yourself for empowerment!

Learn consistently

This is a golden rule. A lot of us know about it but few of us subscribe to it. Cramming gets you the mentioned certification but it does not guarantee the integral long-term skills and knowledge. Working consistently while you learn is one of those meta-qualifications that accompany a course; your dedication and discipline are just as much of a lesson as the content within the modules that the course consists of.

Stratsure offers project management courses that culminate in rigorous, challenging and consistent examinations. Do you notice the alignment? The course content, the ideal learning process and even the exams themselves are tailored for your genuine career success. You can be proud of your achievement because you know what went into it. Rest assured the rigour, challenge and consistency in your learning will distinguish you in the project management arena. 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 16:45
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