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How to Embed PRINCE2® into your organisation

project managementIntroduction

Simply providing accredited training to project managers, is insufficient and so in order to achieve a noticeable improvement in project performance – the focus must shift after training individuals to changing how individuals and organizations think and act in each project situation.

First few steps

Depending on each organisational environment a top-down or bottom-up approach would be more suitable.  To establish which approach to follow, can be ascertained by conducting an initial Readiness Assessment:

  • A workshop will be arranged to establish the current change environment. 
  • A second workshop will be scheduled to enable selected decision makers to participate in agreeing the approach. 
  • A brief presentation of the best practices for portfolio, programme and project management will be made and a tailored approach formulated.

We will look in some detail at some of the information that is required in order to plan, execute and monitor the implementation, and how to ensure that the changes and ensuing benefits are not lost over time.

Some key components to plan for include:

  • Accountable role players for the implementation
  • The change framework for the organisation
  • The outline business case for the change
  • How portfolio, programme and project management will interact
  • The minimum aspects of the PRINCE2® method that can initially be implemented
  • Identification of role players in projects and an assessment of their readiness to participate
  • Training of the role players
  • Availability of a document storage system, any preferred scheduling tool and other resources
  • Identification of a pilot project

This could be regarded as a Starting up a Project process and should produce:

  • A Project Brief and
  • An Initiation Stage Plan

These documents will then be scrutinized to assess whether there is a justifiable case to proceed.

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